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Dit is een Engelstalig onderzoek.

1965 marked a turning point in Indonesian history. A failed putsch on 1 October was followed swiftly by a violent backlash against the Left. About half a million were killed, perhaps another million and a half detained without trial. The violence paved the way for the military regime of General Suharto, the New Order. Millions of survivors and their relatives lost their civil rights. The nation was changed forever. For half a century, serious discussion of this shocking violence has been taboo within Indonesia. However, the taboo has begun to lift in recent years. This Special Issue will bring together scholars from Indonesia and around the world with diverse specialisations (Comparative Genocide Studies, Indonesian Studies, Memory Studies, Political History, Anthropology, Gender Studies and Legal Studies).  They will develop new frameworks for understanding the violence and its legacies.

Gravestone at the mass grave at Plumbon (Semarang) © Budi Purwanto /Tempo