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Regime change, decolonization, Transitional Justice
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Prof. dr. Peter Romijn (1955) is head of the Research Department of the NIOD and Professor of Twentieth-Century History at the University of Amsterdam. He has written on the politics of occupation and regime transition in the Netherlands and Europe in the Second World War, on the persecution of Jews in the Netherlands and was co-responsible (with Hans Blom) for the report commissioned by the Dutch Government on the ‘safe area’ of Srebrenica (1995).

Dissertation: Snel, streng en rechtvaardig, de afrekening met foute Nederlanders (Groningen; 1989).


  • 2002 - present: Professor of 20th Century History (full professorship, part-time), Faculty of Humanities, University of Amsterdam

Academic activities:

  • 2010 - present: Treasurer and Member of the Executive Committee of the International Committee for the History of the Second World War, http://www.historyworldwar2.net/
  • 2008 - present: Member of advisory committees on the historiography of the Dutch Supreme Court and the Justice Ministry during the Second World War
  • 2007 - present: Member of the board of the SOBM (Foundation for Research of Transitional Justice in the Netherlands)
  • 2007 - present: Dutch representative in EURHISTXX, a European network for Contemporary History
  • 2006 - present: Member of the editorial board of the BMGN/Low Countries Historical Review, The Hague
  • 2006 - present: Member of the Advisory Board of the Dutch Foundation for World War I Studies
  • 1993 - 2005: Treasurer and Member of the Executive Committee of the International Committee for the History of the Second World War, and affiliate of the CISH

Previous Positions:

  • 2010: Senior Visiting Fellow, History Department, Columbia University, New York City, USA
  • 2003 - 2008: Member of the Advisory Board of the Amsterdam Centre for Holocaust and Genocide Studies
  • 2003 - 2007: Senior Visiting Fellow, Remarque Institute, New York University, New York City, USA
  • 2000 - 2008: Teamleader Team 1, Programme ‘The Impact of National-Socialist and Fascist Rule in Europe 1939-1945’, European Science Foundation, Strassbourg
  • 1999 - 2007: Member Advisory Board of CONIH, the Danish Archives for the History of the German Occupation, Esbjerg, Denemarken
  • 1995 -1996: Program Director and Graduate School Coordinator, National Research School for Political History, Amsterdam
  • 1985-1996: Research fellow, NIOD
  • 1982-1984: PhD researcher, History Department, Groningen University
  • 1978-1980: Teaching Assistant, History Department, Groningen University