The NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust, and Genocide Studies has had help from three partners in organising the public event and the international symposium on Legacies of the Gulag and the Memory of Stalinism. We like to introduce them to you.

Free Press Unlimited aims at 'making and keeping reliable news availible for everyone'. They use four methods to accomplish this aim: by developing independant news channels; by giving marginalised groups in society a voice in the media; by training and advising media experts, and by supporting media initiatives. They work in ten different countries troughout the world. They support community media, by which local newsstations can discuss topics that are especially important for their community and let people from this community talk about the subjects. They also try to involve young people, women and minorities in the discussions. Besides this, Free Press Unlimited helps journalists to do their work in safety: for being a journalist can be dangerous under regimes that use the internet to locate these journalists and the readers of political oppression.   

UvA Slavic Studies is one of the undergraduate studies at the University of Amsterdam. The students learn different Slavic languages and they can enroll in courses about culture, literarute and linguistics. Students who finish their bachelor are broadly educated and have job opportunities in a wide range of fields. They work for example as translator, journalists, adviser; they work for the Dutch government or for the European Union or become documantary makers and writers. And they also found jobs in tourism and business.

Nederland-Rusland Jaar 2013 (Holland-Russia Year 2013) has been organising many events in the year 2013 to show the extensive relationship between Russia and the Netherlands; a relationship that already exists for centuries. In its public programme the organisation focuses on the three pillars economy, culture, and politics and society. The year 2013 is not in itself a memorial or celebration year. This year is centralised around serving the broad and long-term cooperation between the Netherlands and Russia and the intent of both countries to work on innovative partnership. The Netherlands will continue to contribute to Russia's efforts to reform the economy and society and thereby optimize the dialogue at a political level, even in areas where the Netherlands and Russia disagree with each other.

Free Press Unlimited
Universiteit van Amsterdam
Nederland Rusland 2013 (Holland Russia 2013)