Intellectual history, digital humanities, archival theory

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Reto Speck (1974) is an intellectual historian and works as a researcher at NIOD and a research fellow at King’s College London. His research interests lie at the intersection of historiography, archival theory and digital infrastructures. He is exploring these interests in the context of two large European project: European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI) and Parthenos

Reto Speck received his PhD from Queen Mary, University of London in April 2010, and his BA (Contemporary History) and MA (Intellectual History) from the University of Sussex, Brighton. Previous to his doctoral research, Reto worked for two years at the Arts and Humanities Data Service, London, and he has also taught the history of political thought at Queen Mary, University of London.

Dissertation: The History and Politics of Civilisation: the Debate about Russia in French and German Historical Scholarship from Voltaire to Herder, London, 2010.

Recent selected publications

  • Mike Bryant, Linda Reijnhoudt, Reto Speck et al., ‘The EHRI Project: Virtual Collections Revisited,’ Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 8852, (2015), 294-303.
  • Reto Speck, ‘Johann Gottfried Herder and Enlightenment Political Thought: From the Reform of Russia to the Anthropology of Bildung’, Modern Intellectual History, 11(1), (2014), 31-58.
  • Reto Speck and Petra Links, ‘The Missing Voice: Archivists and Infrastructures for Humanities Research’, International Journal of Humanities and Arts Computing. 7.1-2 (2013), 128-146.